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ReconAfrica Corporate Profile

ReconAfrica is a Canadian oil and gas company engaged in the opening of the newly discovered deep Kavango Sedimentary Basin, in the Kalahari Desert of northeastern Namibia and northwestern Botswana, where ReconAfrica holds petroleum licenses comprising approximately 8.5 million contiguous acres.

ReconAfrica holds a 90% interest in a petroleum exploration licence in NE Namibia and a 100% interest in petroleum exploration rights in NW Botswana over the entire Kavango Sedimentary Basin. The exploration licences cover an area of 25,341.33 km2 (6.3 million acres) in Namibia and 8,990 km2 (2.2 million acres) in Botswana. Based on commercial success, ReconAfrica is entitled to 25-year production licences over any commercial discovery.

ReconAfrica acquired a high-resolution aeromagnetic survey of the license area and conducted a detailed analysis of the resulting data and other available data, including reprocessing and reinterpretation of all existing geological and geophysical data. The survey and analysis confirm that the Kavango Sedimentary Basin reaches depths of up to 9,000 m (30,000 feet). Using a drilling rig purchased and refurbished in 2019, the Company drilled two stratigraphic test wells in 2021, the results of which have proven an active petroleum system. The first 2D seismic data in the basin is currently being acquired and will determine hydrocarbon traps, size, and geometry which will consolidate all the data to identify potential commercial fields.

In all aspects of its operations, ReconAfrica is committed to minimal disturbances in line with international best standards and will implement environmental and social best practices in all its project areas.