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Social Responsibility

ReconAfrica’s goal is to provide responsible energy development and power independence to Namibia and Botswana. We are committed to conducting safe operations, respecting communities and other stakeholders and protecting the environment in Namibia, and in Botswana and wherever we work. To support these commitments, ReconAfrica incorporates environmental, social and governance norms and standards into our project activities and business ventures.

Our Commitment to strong Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

  • ReconAfrica will always work in a manner that is safe, ethical, and consistent with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • ReconAfrica will make operational and management decisions based on consideration of the commitments made in these guiding CSR Principles.
  • ReconAfrica will adopt appropriate procedures to measure and report on our performance with respect to the commitments made in the Guiding CSR Principles.

Our Governance documents include:

Our Commitment to Environmental Protection

We are committed to not harming the environment, avoiding environmentally sensitive areas, minimizing disturbances in line with international best standards and will implement environmental and social best practices in all our project areas.

  • We are focused on conventional oil and gas reservoirs, which flow naturally under their own pressure.
  • ReconAfrica respects the integrity of all designated protected and environmentally sensitive areas; for example the Tsodilo Hills in Botswana. We have a collaborative agreement with the Government of Botswana to exclude the core area and buffer and we will continue to implement exclusionary areas.
  • Our wells will be drilled with water-based fluids and use modern casing and cementing best practices to ensure the complete protection of all water aquifers.

Our Commitment to Communities

We will partner with local and national governments, the traditional authorities, and communities to provide sustainable growth which will create jobs and other economic benefits by investing in people.

  • ReconAfrica is committed to maximizing local employment, contracting and skills transfer. Ex-patriots will only be used where skills and experience not available locally are required. We will also target technology transfer for the benefit of local communities as appropriate.
  • ReconAfrica will use its success to help improve local education by investing in schools, supporting teachers, and the expansion of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) training.

Our Health and Safety Commitment

ReconAfrica’s Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) goals include the following: zero accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. We will apply best practices in our operations to achieve these goals.

Our Commitment to Local Economic Development

We work with local, regional, and national business suppliers and services. These include:  Water Drilling, Construction, Logistics and Transport, Trucking, Telecom, Camp Management & Logistics, Training, Medical Experts and Supplies, HR Personnel & Contracting, Engineering & Project Management, Environmental and Risked Based Solutions amongst other suppliers. We, to the utmost of our ability, procure and purchase ongoing required supplies in the regions where we work.

We will maximize national hiring and provide training for nationals in key technical areas associated with our business. We will strive to ensure that our affiliate companies management is also national.

We will also partner with the existing economies in the local areas where we work. As an example, in the Kavango area, a key focus is the agriculture, tourism, and services industries allowing ReconAfrica to support the growth of these industries though improved water and power access, and the use of dual-purpose infrastructure.

  • Each water well that ReconAfrica drills will be donated to the community after completion of its to support to operations.
  • Working with local governments, ReconAfrica has initiated a program to drill community water wells in key communities that are distant from existing wells.

We will implement training programs that will also look at the opportunities of local business development.