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Frequently Asked Questions:
ReconAfrica Initial Drilling Project

Who is ReconAfrica?
ReconAfrica is an oil and gas company engaged in the exploration and development of oil and gas in NE Namibia and NW Botswana.  The company began work in Namibia in 2013, and has been diligently pursing the analysis and evaluation of PEL 73, in conjunction with our local partner Pioneer Energy.

What is the project’s goal?
The project’s initial goal is for the drilling of two or three stratigraphic test wells for data gathering to understand the geology and confirm the existence of a working petroleum system.

Are the drilling sites near any environmentally sensitive areas?
No. The drilling locations are more than 50 km south of the Okavango River. The sites are not located in the area of any National Parks, Conservancy or World Heritage sites.

Will local ecosystems be protected?
Yes. We will follow global best practices and local regulations in all drilling and reclamation activity. There will be no damage to the ecosystem from the planned activities.

Have Members of the government, affected communities and civil society been kept well informed about this program?

Yes. ReconAfrica is dedicated to complete transparency and meeting/exceeding all government requirements for the project.  Strong local engagement, hiring and training policies are already in place in conjunction with local and regional government.

What is the status of activity in Botswana for ReconAfrica?

The Botswana licence was recently acquired in June 2020. ReconAfrica is now advancing the regulatory process beginning with the Environment Impact Assessment.