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About the Project

ReconAfrica is a Canadian-based oil and gas company working collaboratively with national governments to explore oil and gas potential in Northeast Namibia and Northwest Botswana – the Kavango Basin.

To date, ReconAfrica has been granted licenses by Namibia and Botswana to explore and confirm the presence of their hydrocarbon resources. Subject to declaring commerciality, the Company is entitled to a long-term production licence to develop conventional hydrocarbons.

This project aims to prove potential reserves that could lead to economic stimulus, funding local and regional jobs and other socio-economic benefits such as increased infrastructure, potable water access and investments in environmental and wildlife conservation.

Should oil and gas be commercialised, Namibia’s traditional authorities and its elected governments will determine how it will manage their resources.

ReconAfrica Project Overview

Working in partnership with and under the ongoing oversight of multiple Namibian government ministries as well as national land, water, and environmental protection agencies, ReconAfrica’s license to operate permits conventional, early-stage exploration, within the Namibian area of the Kavango area.

Exploratory Drilling
Drilling Fluid System
Protecting Wildlife
Oil & Gas Exploration