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Our Approach

ReconAfrica’s ESG framework provides a basis for measuring its performance against the highest global standards.

The company’s ESG indicators will be tracked and measured on an ongoing basis and will continue to evolve as the company expands its activities in Namibia and Botswana. These indicators will be influenced by both operational developments and feedback from a range of Namibian, Botswanan and international stakeholders and ESG experts.

As part of its ESG goals, ReconAfrica is also developing plans to address international Net Zero carbon emissions targets. While still at the earliest stage of stratigraphic exploration, with a limited emissions profile, the company is prepared to set aggressive targets of its own to align with global Net Zero roadmaps. Future goals are also likely to be shaped by carbon-reduction commitments established by various levels of governments in our operating regions.

ReconAfrica plans to issue regular ESG and Technical Updates, reporting on measured indicators and progress toward its goals, commitments and operational development plans.

Ultimately, the people of Namibia and Botswana, through their traditional authorities, elected governments and regulatory agencies, will determine how the countries will manage their natural resources.

“ReconAfrica anticipates moving forward with Namibia and Botswana as these nations seek to explore their energy potential. We will continue to work collaboratively with a full commitment to the land, water, wildlife, and people of these two countries that have invited us, in good faith, to explore possibilities to achieve the energy sovereignty that most other nations enjoy. We are also taking a fully global perspective as we advance, which means aligning ourselves in practical but determined ways to meet the challenges all countries face in addressing climate change.”