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ReconAfrica’s Crown 750 1000 HP Drilling Rig

The Crown 750 was manufactured in the United States and is rated at 1,000 horsepower, equipped with two CAT 540 horsepower diesel engines. Combined with a 440,000 pound hook load, the rig is rated to drill 12,000 vertical feet.


HP Rating: 1,000 HP
Ambient Rating: 50⁰C–55⁰C
Powered By: 2 x C15 CAT Engines (540 BHP @ 2,100 RPM each); Allison 4700OFS Transmissions
Rig Type: Self-propelled, carrier mounted, 7-Axle (14 x 4), internally guyed

  • Two Caterpillar model C15 ACERT packaged generator sets on three-point skid rated for 456/365 kVA, 365/292 kWe, 480/400 V, 0.8PF, 3-phase, 60 Hz prime power service
  • Generator building complete with MCC and generator synchronization
  • Includes all necessary wiring and electrical rig-up from AC generators to MCC in generator/power control house
  • Lighting includes fluorescent, flood and Crown lights for mast, carrier substructure, area lighting and S&S furnished building/equipment lighting
  • Rig intercom system includes 4 hazardous area telephones, one talk-back system and 2 wireless telephones
  • Lighting designed in accordance with API RP 500/505

Model: S&S 1000-HP, SD
Speeds: 5-forward + Reverse
Brake Type: Band
Assist Brake: Eaton, WCBD-236
Drill Line Size: 1-1/4″
Crown Saver: Included

  • Single drum new style drawworks with band brakes
  • One Eaton Model WCBD-324 Assist Brake, water cooled
  • Main drum Lebus grooving
  • Water-cooling system manifold for cooling main drum band brakes and auxiliary water brake
  • Automatic Crown Saver safety shutoff device to limit block travel, installed on drawworks
  • Hydraulic system, including winch, power tongs circuit, raising, telescoping, leveling and make and brake cylinders
  • Mechanical drill line spool rack for 3,000 ft of 1-1/4″ drill line

Height: 118′, telescopic
Hookload: 440,000 lbs
Mast Raising: Hydraulic
Racking Capacity: 10,800′ of 5″ R-II DP / adjustable fingers for 2-7/8″ to 5″ DP
Casing Stabbing Board: Included (Deckard style), adjustable with air winch
Standpipe: 4″ x 5,000 psi, single
Hydraulic Catworks: Included

  • 118′ x 440,000 lb API guyed telescoping mast with fixed base
  • Equipped with ladder, safety platform, handrails, fall arrest post, block cradle, two belly lines and two load lines
  • Automatic erecting racking board for use with 20 ft substructure
  • Make and break cylinders mounted on back of mast
  • Adjustable stabbing board with 20′ of adjustment above the rig floor in 12″ increments

Axles: 7 (14 x 4)
Leveling Jack: 4 hydraulic + 2 manual
Fuel Tank: 100 gallon, on-board
Tool Boxes: 2
Drill Line Spool Rack: Included
Deadline Anchor: Included
Rig Ramp: Included
Rig Hydraulic System: Included

  • Self-propelled, back-in carrier
  • Driller’s side and off-driller’s side folding walkways and handrails
  • Highway lighting package
  • Three front non-drive steering axles with rear wheel drive tandem axles, and two non-drive pusher/tag axle
  • All axles equipped with air braking system
  • Two Caterpillar C15 540 hp ACERT diesel engines
  • Two Allison Model 4700 OFS transmissions
  • One 5,000 lb air winch mounted on rig floor
  • One 12,000 lb hydraulic winch mounted on carrier deck
  • Two tool boxes, one mounted on the underside of the carrier frame and one on the deck
SUBSTRUCTURE (Hydraulic Telescopic Lift)

Floor Height: 20′
Setback Cap: 300,000 lbs
Rotary Cap: 440,000 lbs
Clearance: 16′-6″
BOP Handling: 2 x 15 ton manual winches

  • 20′ skid mounted hydraulically raised telescoping substructure
  • 30 ton BOP handling system
  • Chain driven rotary with 2-piece case with adapters for 27-1/2″ rotary table
  • Mud boat, including steel checker plated tire guide rails and heavy-duty lugs for pinning to the load beam
  • Load beam to match the mast loading requirements

Block with Hook: 250 ton, 5 x 36″ sheaves
Rotary Table: 27-1/2″ with master bushing
Swivel: 220 ton
Links: 255T x 2-1/4″ x 96″

  • One 1-1/4″ OD, 6 x 19, RR, EIPS, IWRC, 3,000 ft drilling line
  • One 220 ton swivel
  • One each, minimum 250 ton, traveling block and hook
  • One set, 250 ton 2-1/4″ x 96″ API elevator links
  • One 27-1/2″ rotary table, less master bushing
  • One each SPB (or equivalent) solid body pin drive master bushing assembly, complete with bit breaker plate and sling for 27-1/2″ rotary table

Driller’s Console / Control Panel: Included
Drilling Recorder: Included (7-pen)
Mud watch system: Included (ADMS)

  • One 2 bay drillers console; Tong torque indicator, weight indicator, rotary torque, rpm meter, SPM meter, mud gauge, drilling recorder, auto-driller assembly, ton mile / km indicator, advanced driller monitoring system (ADMS), DAC box assembly

Capacity: 1,000 BBL Active
Number of Tanks: 3 + 1 (trip)
Shakers: Dual
De-silter: Included
De-sander: Included
Mix Hoppers: Dual
De-gassers: Vacuum & Poorboy Type
Bell Nipple & Flowline: Included

  • 143 m3 (900 bbl. active) mud tank system; shaker tank skid, suction tank skid, trip tank, mud reserve tank
  • Mixing skid with provisions for mixing hoppers
  • Electric driven centrifugal pumps for solids control functions
  • Equipment includes 4-panel shaker, de-sander, de-silter, vacuum de-gasser, mud agitators & bottom mud guns
  • Oilfield type skid and required plumbing

Quantity: 2
Input HP Rating: 750/800
Model: EWECO-800
Powered: CAT (C27, 875BHP @ 2,100 RPM)
High Pressure Piping: Included

  • Two 800 hp triplex mud pump, unitized with single engine independent cross-mounted pump drive for rear mounting Caterpillar C27 875 hp engine and PTO
  • Remote air control with hose to driller’s panel, includes throttle, clutch control and emergency shutdown
  • One Caterpillar Model C27 ACERT diesel engine rated 875 bhp @ 1800 rpm Industrial B rating
  • Two 5-x-6 supercharging pump driven by AC motor

Air Compressors: 2 x Sullair rotary (25 HP each) with air dryers and 2 x 120 gallon receivers
Generator House: 2 x CAT C15, with MCC
Rating: 365KVA/50Hz each
Rig Lighting: Included
Brake Cooling System: Included
Intercom System: Included
Rig Manuals: Included (2 sets)
Diesel Tank: 300BBL (w/ Filtration)
Rotary Hose: 3-1/2″ x 5000 psi
Catwalk: 5’W-x-42″H-x-60’L
Anti-Slip Matting: Included (Rotary table area)
Winches: (1) 5,000 lbs (air) drill floor (1) 12,000 lbs (hydraulic) deck

  • Doghouse mounted on rig floor
  • Brake water cooling system used for cooling main drum brakes and assist brake
  • Manual catwalk assembly
  • 300 bbl. cylindrical diesel fuel tank
  • Two rotary screw compressors with dryers and receivers
ReconAfrica Crown 750 1000 HP Drilling Rig
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