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Academic Reports

The following papers are available for download in PDF.

AAPG – Review of Petroleum Systems in Namibia, June 2022
—Dr. Ansgar Wanke

AAPG – Karoo Tectonics of Northern Namibia, June 2022
—Dr. James W. Granath

Initial Processed Seismic Lines

Petrophysical Study Of Strat Test 6-2 Well
—Netherland, Sewell & Associates, Inc.

Recon 6-2 Hydrocarbon Show Reports
—Horizon Well Logging Inc.

Jarvie 6-2 Analysis of Horizon Data
—Daniel Jarvie

Karoo-Related Basin-Forming Fault Systems in Northern Namibia
—James Granath, William Dickson, Ansgar Wanke, Mark Odegard

Cross-Africa Shear Zones and Their Kinematic Relationship to Rift Basins
—James W. Granath and William Dickson

Regionally Connected Structural Systems: The Power of the Big (Continental-scale) Picture
—James W. Granath and William Dickson

Organization of African Intra-Plate Tectonics
—James W. Granath and William Dickson