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ESG Progress Timeline Reports

For more than a year, ReconAfrica and its growing Reconnaissance Energy Namibia Pty. Ltd. (REN) team have met a number of ambitious ESG and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives and commitments. We have also engaged in a range of initiatives and activities which have improved the lives of people in our operating areas – including providing much-needed COVID-19 pandemic-response support and clean drinking water.

ReconAfrica’s ESG framework provides a basis for measuring its performance against the highest global standards.


  • ReconAfrica has conducted comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessments (“EIA”) to understand and protect the Kavango East and West regions, under the Namibian regulatory framework.
  • The Company is working with all levels of government, Traditional Authorities and other stakeholders to protect Namibia’s water, with three key goals to support its water management protection measures including:
    • aquifer protection
    • surface water and drainage management
    • sustained protection of self-imposed project no-go zones
  • ReconAfrica has a hydrogeologist on its team to ensure it meets its own robust water-protection measures.
  • ReconAfrica has a wildlife survey specialist as part of its ESG team to develop, implement and monitor rigorous wildlife-protection measures, in collaboration with the tourism industry, business organizations, governments, Traditional Authorities and multi-national conservation groups.


  • ReconAfrica has completed extensive engagement initiatives with impacted and interested local, regional and national stakeholders; its engagement efforts include indigenous communities, at the invitation of San (Kwe) tribal leaders; this engagement is provided in local languages, with issues and concerns carefully tracked and addressed at follow-up sessions.
  • The Company is using its drilling expertise to provide new potable water from the region’s considerable aquifer systems; to date, the Company has drilled four solar-powered community water wells, with plans to drill and donate another six water wells.
  • ReconAfrica is working with local, regional and national suppliers and service providers to foster economic development; to date, ReconAfrica has employed more than 200 Namibian residents on its stratigraphic drilling project.
  • ReconAfrica is working with Namibian educational institutions to enhance training programs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


ReconAfrica is committed to operating in compliance with its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and other relevant policies to reinforce the sustainability of the Company’s operations. Read more about our governance program.

For a more comprehensive perspective, please see ReconAfrica’s ESG Progress Timeline Reports here: