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Scot Evans – CEO, Doug Allen – SVP IR, and acclaimed geoscientists Bill Cathey (President and Chief Geoscientist, Earthfield Technology) and Dan Jarvie (Principal, World Geochemistry) explain in detail the ReconAfrica investment case.

The discussion and accompanying slides includes an overview of the technical de-risking ReconAfrica has undertaken as well as a detailed survey of the depth-to-basement aeromagnetic assessment conducted by Earthfield Technology, and the geo-chemical source rock analysis conducted by Worldwide Geochemistry. Investors are encouraged to visit the “Operations” tab of the website for more detailed reports from both Earthfield Technology and Worldwide Geochemistry.

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Scot Evans, ReconAfrica CEO, participated in the Africa Oil Week Virtual Conference in two sessions on October 7 and 8, 2020.

Mr. Evans spoke in a two-part discussion titled “Spotlight on Namibia” moderated by Dr. Adam Law, Director, ERCE. In addition to Mr. Evans the sessions also featured Mrs. Maggy Shino, Petroleum Commissioner, Ministry of Mines & Energy, Namibia.

Interview Part 1
Introduction  |  Why the focus on Namibia?  |  Offshore and Onshore Prospectivity

Interview Part 2
Namibia as an Investment Destination  |  ReconAfrica 2020–21 Program  |  Benefits to Namibia People  |  The Future